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SF City Members! Meet the candidates for your 2020 Board of Directors. Please read their statements (below). We encourage you all to come to the Annual General Meeting on the 2nd of November and cast your votes.

There will be more than voting going on at the meeting! There will be a raffle, food and drink as well. Plus we'll have a Q&A section with the board and management. This session gives you an opportunity to engage with City on our progress this year and the state of the club and soccer in the Bay Area, and other fun activities.

Brendan Browne

My name is Brendan Browne and I am running for re-election to the SF City FC Members Organization Board of Directors for 2020. It has been a pleasure serving on the board for the past three seasons. In that time I have accomplished a great amount of work, and plan on continuing my service should I be elected again.

In the past year, I was instrumental in developing a partnership with a local fulfillment center so that our online store orders are packed and shipped promptly. I am also in the process of searching for a kit supplier partnership to help us design and produce custom, high quality kits for seasons to come. I can guarantee the membership will be pleased with the results of this future deal.

Please consider voting for me, as representing this club has been one of the highlights of my life. Even if I am not re-elected, I will continue to volunteer many hours of my week to helping this club grow. Thank you for your time.

Pete Bogdis

It's been a pleasure to serve you, the members of SF City, on the Board of Directors for the last 3 years. Our club has grown so much since I first got involved in 2015 because of the dedication, passion, and hard work of our leadership, interns, and especially our member volunteers. I'd be honored to continue playing my small part in the growth and success of the club.

Gold in Peace. Iron in War.

Wendy Guzman

I would like to officially submit my name for consideration for a seat at the board. I have now served on the board for three years and I am absolutely excited to run for another year for a seat on the board. I continue to be passionate and dedicated to SF CITY FC's members, players and community. I am excited for the opportunity to continue to serve the football community in San Francisco and the Bay Area as a whole. My dream of seeing SF CITY FC as a premier club, has not wavered and I understand the grunge work that needs to be done in order to achieve that goal. I am well connected in the entrepreneurial community as well as the philanthropic community and believe that is an asset to SF CITY FC. I would love to continue to represent the members (both English and Spanish speaking) and work hard alongside the other board members and having another successful year.

Joachim Steinberg

My name is Joachim "Jake" Steinberg. I've served on the board for the past four years. I'm a lifetime member and a Northsider. It's been an honor to serve and represent this community for the past few years, and I would like to continue as we continue through a crucial period for the club.

Over the past several years, I led the members' board negotiations for the operating agreement and served as the members' representative to the LLC board. I've also developed several partnerships for the club, including with the Japan Society and ALRP, and served on the LLC Executive Board. I have also worked extensively with both the ops team and the members' board to improve our fan experience and atmosphere.

My professional background is in law, although I was also an elementary school teacher before becoming an attorney. I'm a passionate soccer fan who has attended nearly every SF City home match (and a fair number of away matches), and have regularly published articles on the state of soccer in the US, especially in support of supporter ownership and pro/rel. I am always available for questions about the club or my candidacy at

Mark Devito

My name is Mark DeVito, and I would like to be considered for re-election to the SFCFC Board for 2020. I have sat on the board for the last two years, and let me tell you, it’s a great place to sit! I am a local business owner with a large network of outreach and social contacts, and a venue space that has hosted numerous SFCFC events and proudly flies our colors every day and night. My strengths include a passion for soccer, a passion for community, and an ability to gather groups of people together to enjoy the team and each other. It turns out I can also jump super far after a bunch of beers at Kezar. Please let me continue to jump for you despite the fact that I am yet another year older.

Heather Mocabee Carrico

My name is Heather Carrico and I would like to be considered for election to the SF City Football Club’s Board for 2020. The SFCFC’s mission and focus on community-minded good closely reflects my own belief in helping our community be a better place to live, work, and play. As a coach for Special Olympics, I’ve seen the impact one person can have on the lives of others just by giving time, ideas, and energy. That’s why, as an active member of the SF City Gold Crew since 2016, I’ve volunteered to do whatever was needed to help make game day run more smoothly. This past season I took on the role of Team Admin for each home match. Now I’d like to put my time, ideas, and energy to good use as a member of the 2020 SF City Board not only to represent the fans but also to help the club grow.

Kirk White

Hi I'm Kirk White and I seeking reelection to the Board of Directors. For the past two years, I have been proud to a Board Member for SF City FC. I have been able to help spread our members to many community service functions. These functions include Best Buddies, SF-Marin Food Bank, Street Soccer USA and so much more. I also believe there is so much still to do. We need to find a sustainable cash flow to orchestrate more youth clinics, either through sponsorship, fundraising or both. As the saying goes, "It is a commitment to community when you are a member of SF City FC." And I will be proud to be elected again as YOUR SF City FC Board Member.

Tyler Hinman

I'm excited to declare my candidacy to serve on the 2020 Board of Directors for SF City FC! This club has been an invaluable addition to my life since I watched my first match in 2015. My involvement with the organization has grown steadily, and I've spent many a worthwhile hour singing with the Northsiders, volunteering in the community, and taking on the mantle of the club's Communications Director starting this year. I've relished the chance to spread the word about what we do on the pitch and off, and I hope to broaden my service to SF City even further by being part of your Board for next year. Thank you for your consideration!

Barbara Elliott

I would like to be re-considered as a Member of the Board of Directors for 2020. I have enjoyed my experience this past year and believe in SFCity’s doctrine and principles. I value the friendships and support from my fellow Board Members and with the Northsiders.

I have extensive soccer experience for over 34 years. I value and thank you for your consideration.

Mike Massocca

My name is Michael Massocca and I'm running for a board seat for this upcoming term. Over the past year with this club I have done a multitude of volunteering jobs. A few of those jobs were driving one of the team vans to their match in Orange County, helping out the team with their Instagram page and occasionally their Twitter feed for matches. Also, I'm proud to say that I'm officially a lifetime member of this club. I'm interested in running for a Board seat because not only do I want to be apart of the growth of this team's future and for what's to come next for this club, but also I want to be a part of a team that has dedicated fans that show up to support this club match in and out no matter what the circumstance is. Ever since I started supporting this club in 2016 it has grown every year to a whole new level. Who knows where it will be in the next 3 to 20 years, but no matter what the case is I want to be there to put in as much advice and input as I can to further this team to success.

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