Getting To Know Ashish Chattha

Photo Courtesy of Nap Badillo

Photo Courtesy of Nap Badillo

Ashish Chattha is returning for his second year with SF City FC, and we couldn't be happier.

The 19-year-old attacking midfielder's play last year, including a spectacular free kick for his first goal with the club, was more than enough to convince the team he should be invited back.
It's not just his play for City that impressed the fans, though.

Last fall, while playing for USF, Chattha had more minutes on the pitch than any other player, despite being a freshman!

Chattha recalls one play from his career he wishes he could have back:

"If I could time travel to change one play," he explained, "it would be an academy game where I gave a pass rather than taking a shot in the last minute of the game."

But that's a minor blip for Chattha, whose career extends beyond the Bay Area. He had the opportunity to play with the U.S. Youth National Team, an experience he calls one of his "biggest accomplishments."

While Chattha hasn't worn the pigeon mask yet, he certainly knows what it means to wear the Iron and Gold.

"It is a great honor representing SF City because it is more than a team," Chattha said. "It's also a community and a family. I was super pleased when the fans were asking my coaches at USF if I was coming back. And I'm happy to say that I will be back and continue to play for City and give it all, not just for me, but for my teammates, coaches, and mostly the fans!"