Getting To Know Max Lau


After having Max Lau with us for the preseason last year, we're calling him up for a full season in USL2!

The 18-year-old goalkeeper comes from a family of SF City members, and it's no wonder why: Max trained with the youth team before going on to training with the senior club last year. And now, the former state champion with Mission High School will represent the Iron and Gold at Kezar this season!

Although he has tasted state championship glory, was recruited by Cal, and played for the Olympic Development Program's regional team, Max isn't without regrets. "Last Thanksgiving," he recalls, "my club team and I played the Surf Cup College Showcase. In the beginning of our second game, I made a play which resulted in a red card, which suspended me for that game as well as our last game. Since I was the only goalkeeper, it was harder for the team to perform well in front of college scouts."

Max will try to brush that setback aside this year, but let's not forget that he is a champion off the field as well! He's a 4.0 student-athlete who is planning to attend Stanford. "Something that fans may not know about me is that I am very STEM-oriented," he said. "I have a love for science and I am looking forward to pursuing a career in artificial intelligence in my coming years at Stanford."

So how did he get here? Max, for one, credits the city of San Francisco and all the people here who have paved the way. "In my soccer career, I have trained with many coaches and players in San Francisco. Each and every one has contributed something to my game and has improved me as a player. To continue representing San Francisco is a way for me to pay homage to all of the people who have put me where I am today."