Wendy And Pete Talk About The SF City Experience


SF City Supporters, today we want to tell you a little about two of the Members’ Board of Directors. As you know, the SF City Members Organization elects nine of their own to manage the organization and represent their interests in the club. We have been very privileged over the years to have some great and dedicated people serve in this role.

We asked Wendy Guzman-Rodriguez, who has been part of the Board of Directors for nearly three years, what serving on the board has been like: “Transformative. It has transformed my love for football, my love for San Francisco, and my love for community and philanthropy into the cornerstone of how I navigate my personal and professional life. It has been an honor, spreading the mission of SF City FC and tying our work into organizations I am involved in. It has been such a great thing to see City become a champion for low-income persons of color by partnering with La Cocina.”

Editor’s Note: You may be familiar with many of La Cocina’s clients as they are the small businesses that have provided delicious fare at our matches!

Long-serving board member and Northsiders leader Pete Bogdis had this to say: “As a supporter-owned and -run club, being part of the Members Board is the most direct way to ensure our club is growing, improving, and succeeding while keeping with our core values.”

SF City has long prided itself on using sport to promote inclusiveness and diversity. “It teaches us how immensely amazing sports are. They bring together folks from all walks of life working at the intersection of change. SF City is a catalyst for change, and I am proud to be part of it,” said Wendy.

We urge eligible members (over the age of 21 as of January 1, 2020), if they have a desire to help shape the future of the club and represent the fans in that future, to stand for election. If interested, please email secretary@sfcityfc.com for details no later than October 21st. The elections will occur at our Annual General Meeting on November 2nd.

Members over the age of 13 are eligible to vote in the election. The AGM is a great opportunity to not only participate in the election, but to engage with the club’s leadership, ask questions, and make your opinions known.

As Pete observed, “It's immensely satisfying to know that we don't have to depend on a single wealthy owner or group of owners to give us a club, and then see them take it away on a whim. Our success is due to the effort and passion of our members. All of us. We’re making history.”

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