2017 AGM Report

20171014_161017 Thank you to all SF City Members who took part in this year’s Annual General Meeting. There were several important items discussed this year. Members Board Chair Joachim Steinberg delivered a fascinating presentation on the US soccer landscape and its implications for SF City. Members’ Organization CEO Mike Gonos conducted a short lesson in SF City’s unique organizational structure, so new members could grasp how our team functions. Club President Jacques Pelham presented his annual State of Club address, providing an assessment of our successful 2017 season.

The biggest event at the meeting was the election of our 2018 Members Board of Directors. Thanks also go to Election Commissioner Allison Bridges, and her assistant, long-time member Clinton Becker, who ensured the election ran smoothly and efficiently.

Congratulations to our 2018 Board Members:

  • Joachim Steinberg
  • Peter Bogdis
  • Mike Gonos
  • Eric Schaefer
  • Brendan Browne
  • Wendy Guzman
  • Alexander Lovell
  • Mark DeVito
  • Kirk White

Upcoming initiatives and events were also discussed. Among these is our participation in the 2017 Light The Night Walk for Leukemia & Lymphoma, as well as plans for our FREE youth soccer clinics.

2018 is already looking like a pivotal year in the growth of our club!

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