America SCORES Bookdrive Winners

SF City FC would like to thank all of the kids of youth soccer in the Bay Area who participated in the 2018 America SCORES book drive. Your generous donations of both new and used books went to help bring much needed resources to low-income students in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. Our congratulations go to the winners, LAFAYETTE DOLPHINS Kindergarten Co-Ed team! Their team get to enjoy a free pizza party, donated jointly by SF City FC and America SCORES. Congratulations also to runners up IFC STRIKERS. They will receive the second place prize of a $100.00 Sports Basement Gift Card. Again, we would like to thank you for your participation in a very successful book drive! About America SCORES

America SCORES partners with low-income, under-resourced public schools and forms soccer teams. Each team has both a soccer coach and a writing coach.  SCORES currently works with more than 1500 student-athletes in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area regions.  They use the Beautiful Game of soccer to help children be healthy and happy while also teaching and supporting literacy and academic skills.

The Book Zone is one way that SCORES helps students.  Many of SCORES participants own fewer than five books.  Some have none at all.  At regional SCORES game days, children get to choose books to take home to read and to keep as they build their own home libraries.  Reading material in the home is a primary predictor of future success in school.  Research and common sense agree: if you can't learn to read, you can't read to learn.  When it comes to learning to read, childhood has no second chances.

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