Meet the SF City FC 2018 Members Board of Directors Candidates!

agm01 SF City FC supporters, these club members have stepped up and volunteered to serve on the 2018 Board of Directors:

Kirk White, Joachim Steinberg, Eric Schaefer, Dominic Perrett, Michael Massocca, Alexander Lovell, Wendy Guzman, Michael Gonos, Willy Fouts, Olavo Dourado, Mark DeVito, Brendan Browne, Pete Bogdis, Alexia Bogdis

The SF City FC Members Organization represents the interests of the fans of our club, protecting their rights and advising and assisting the club in its mission of growing football in our City. The board is composed of nine members, all of whom are elected on a yearly basis.

All SF City FC members in good standing are invited to our Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 4:00PM October 14th, at Sports Basement, 1590 Bryant Street, San Francisco, to cast their vote for who will represent them on the board.

SF City FC is extremely grateful to all the candidates for volunteering their time and talents to the cause!

Absentee Voting:

Can't be in San Francisco for the meeting? Members may apply for an absentee ballot and instructions by email to the club secretary.

Alexia Bogdis

I believe individuals and organizations are duty bound to support each other and their community. Everything is interconnected. Those with gifts should share them with others, and there is enough prosperity to share so everyone benefits. Whether that means volunteering at the Food Bank, mentoring youth, beautifying the community or lifting someone’s spirits we all have something to give. The Northsiders’ commitment to serving the community is unparalleled. I participated in the Light the Night last year. Getting to carry the white light of a survivor is something I actually can’t describe in words. I’m working on some ideas around youth mentoring which is a great need in our community. I love the fact that  SFCFC  isn’t just a consumer of the sport but feels the responsibility and desire to be a positive force in the community.

I will represent the voice of the people well! Pete Bogdis

It's been an honor for me to represent the members on the board this year. I look forward to continuing and growing the good work we've accomplished in 2017. Next year is shaping up to be a crucial time for our club, and I believe that the membership is in good, steady, and focused hands with our current board members. The members of SF City have built a solid, community focused foundation, and the future direction of our club is in all of our hands. Roll Fog. Brendan Browne

Dear SF City FC Members, My name is Brendan Browne, and I am running for re-election to the 2018 Board of Directors. I have very much enjoyed representing you all for the past two years. In that time, the club has seen an increase in membership, as well as an increase in community service participation and overall positive local impact. I strongly believe that the unique model of this club will allow it to thrive for years to come, and I want to continue to play a leadership role in seeing that this happens. If I am re-elected, I promise to represent all of the membership to my best ability. I remain available to contact via email at if you have any questions. Thank you and Roll Fog! Mark DeVito

My name is Mark DeVito, and I would like to be considered for the SFCFC Board for 2018.   I currently sit on the board for The Bay Bridged, a local non profit, and have held board seats for other non-profits in the past. I am a local business owner with a large network of outreach and social contacts, as well as a huge fan of SFCFC.  My strengths include a passion for soccer, a passion for community outreach, and an ability to get large groups together for fundraisers and community service projects.  Oh yeah, one of my businesses is a brewery, so I can provide beer for meetings! Olavo Dourado

No statement Willy Fouts

"Football explains the world.” If I had to describe the beautiful game in one sentence, that would be it.

Soccer is a form of communication that speaks to anybody. Given that the world is getting smaller and smaller, the growth and popularity of the game in this country is inevitable. The quality that showcases itself on the pitch, ultimately begins at the grassroots level. The same way a basketball is so effortlessly dribbled down the street, so to will a soccer ball. It’s up to the members, to instill this passion in the community. Michael Gonos

I believe in this club and its mission, and have faithfully served it for the past four years. SF City is truly my life’s work. Its mission is more than just winning trophies, but, as I’ve said many times before, to do good through the game. I served first as part of the planning committee that built the foundations of the team, and upon its board of director for the past three years. I helped draft the by-laws of the club, and am a founding member of the club’s supporters firm, the Northsiders. For the past two years, I have had the honor both of serving on the Community Service team and as the CEO of the Members Organization.

What’s far more important than my personal hope that you will allow me to serve again is that we all dedicate ourselves to the great tasks ahead of us. We have seen clearly that our club is taking the right path, that of being embedded in our community.  To take our club to the next level, we must not only continue on this path, but take the definitive steps of expanding our commitment to local youth soccer and educational programs, improving our relations with local fan groups, and increase our outreach in underserved communities here in the City. I not only ask for the opportunity to continue working to achieve these goals. I ask all members to come forward and volunteer what they can of their time and abilities to help make this club a success. Wendy Guzman

Hello, This past year I have been honored to serve on the board. I am excited at the possibility to continue to be a part of such an important movement alongside brilliant like-minded individuals, who care about bridging sports and community.  It is with great enthusiasm that I bring to the table access to resources and community contacts, and a unique persepective as a native San Franciscan.

Thank you for your consideration. Alexander Lovell

I am thrilled to run for re-election to the SFCFC board and continue the momentum we built during my first term creating a unified strategy for our philanthropic projects and community involvement.

I am an experienced fundraiser, event organizer, and connector. In the past year, I have organized fundraising teams and events with Easter Seals, Habitat for Humanity, and Cycle for Survival raising a total of nearly $10,000. I know players and coaches in the PDL, NASL, and MLS from my days as a player. I want to connect the existing board members with key influencers around the Bay Area to carve out a great spot for SFCFC. Additionally, I am comfortable working as treasurer and would be happy to administer Salesforce to organize membership and expansion. I am a Director at Salesforce and have completed admin training courses.

Most importantly, I'm a soccer fanatic. You can find me most weekends at Maggie's, singing songs after a win or crying into my beer after another Arsenal stumble. I cleaned out my bank account to go to the World Cup in Brazil. I was also a mediocre player at top-league local clubs and first team all-county in high school. Basically, I live for soccer and am obsessed with the opportunity to build up a San Francisco club with true spirit. SFCFC is that club and I couldn’t be more excited to continue my journey serving on the club’s board. Michael Massocca

Hi, my name is Michael Massocca and I want to share with you why I would be a good fit for SFCity's board.  I am a resourceful person who likes to look at tasks in the big picture.  I do not think inside the box and try to be open minded and explore new possibilities whether they be going out of my way to help the team or turn a negative into a positive the whole way through.  I want to help the team any way I can whether its striking deals with locally owned companies to sponsor us during game days or provide us with food for tailgates, ect.  Even if I do not make it on I just feel the need to chip in and at least try to provide feedback to the team any way I can. Dominic Perrett

It’s been a real honor serving on the SF City FC Board for the last year. I’ve been truly amazed at how much hard work, dedication and commitment the Board brings to our club.

During my first year, I’ve been focused on two core areas:

  1. Driving the vision of supporter-owned football. As you all know, SF City FC is one of only a handful of supporter-owned clubs in the US. I’ve been working behind the scenes to develop relationships with the small but growing group of clubs that are also trailblazers in this model of supporter ownership. Our ultimate goal is to build a network of like-minded clubs that is working together to achieve this vision
  2. Working with the Board to drive tangible improvements for the club. It was really exciting helping to launch and analyze the 2017 member survey. I think these kind of tools are extremely valuable in improving our club, not just for the current members, but also in expanding our reach and fan base over the coming years

SF City is uniquely well positioned to build upon our bedrock of local support and bring the vision of supporter-owned football to a broader audience in both the Bay Area and the rest of the US.

I would love to be a part of this exciting journey for another year! Eric Schaefer

If someone had suggested to me in May of 2015 that I would be travelling more than five hundred miles to cheer on an amateur soccer club scheduled to play at a suburban Las Vegas high school I would have been skeptical, to say the least. In May of 2016, however, I found myself proudly wearing the scarf of a club in its first PDL game and doing exactly that. For 2017 I found myself serving as treasurer for the Membership organization.

I have screamed my voice raw for this club in the stands at Kezar then Negoesco and have been proud to lend my voice to this club in the boardroom. This coming year will bring the excitement of SF City’s third season in the PDL. It will also bring continuing uncertainty in the professional soccer pyramid, the search for a permanent home stadium, and the necessity of expanding our club’s investment footing and it’s casual fan base while keeping its driving values strong. A supporter-owned enterprise of any kind requires the commitment of its supporters to advance. I am ready to take my commitment to the next level and bring my passion and new perspective to advancing the club’s community outreach, sharpening its unique brand, and aggressively expanding its membership.

My name is Eric Schaefer. I am a Bay Area native, small business owner, homebrewer, (relatively new) football lover, and I wish to be one of your representatives on the San Francisco City Football Club Member Board of Directors. Joachim Steinberg

My name is Joachim "Jake" Steinberg. I'm a current board member, a lifetime member of SF City, and a Northsider. As the current chair of the board, I have had the honor of representing SF City's membership for two years and would like to continue as we approach a crucial time in the club's history.

Over the past two years, I led the members' board negotiations for the operating agreement and served as the members' representative to the LLC board. I've also developed community service partnerships for the club, helped drive our efforts to create this year's special pride jersey, and worked with both the ops team and the members' board to improve our fan experience and atmosphere.

My professional background is in law, although I was also an elementary school teacher before becoming an attorney. I'm a passionate soccer fan who has attended nearly every SF City home match (and a fair number of away matches) in the past three years. If you have any questions for me, you can reach me anytime at Kirk White

I would like to formally be a candidate for the board.  For the past year, I have been working with board member, Mike Gonos, on a few projects including community events.  I feel ready to take the step to be a board member, and help this team reach the heights of soccer and the San Francisco community.