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Ben Brewster: The Spine, Dominating Headers in the Air, Beards & Icelandic Vikings

Firstly welcome back, how was it out there this weekend?
It was great being back on the field this weekend. It has been tough missing 8 weeks during the bulk of the season. It was actually my first time playing at Kezar, so that was a great experience. The support we get from the Northsiders is absolutely incredible and it was good to finally pick up 3 points at home.

Describe the partnership in the unchanged back-line for the last two games…
I thought the partnership this weekend was pretty solid. These relationships often take time to mature, but I felt comfortable playing next to DeLuna who has been great for City this season.

You’re a player with a plethora of experience and played in USL last season at Tulsa. How were those days?
Last season I was playing for the Tulsa Roughnecks in the USL. It was Tulsa’s inaugural season in the USL, but we only missed the playoffs by 3 points. It was an unbelievable experience playing at that level everyday, and traveling all over the west coast throughout the season. Similar to SF City, we had a great group of fans and support from the Tulsa community. The first game of the season we tied our rivals (Oklahoma City Energy) at home in front of 8,500 fans. Walking out of the tunnel for that game was a feeling I’ll never forget.

You also trialled earlier this year, but decided to come back to SF City, why?
I was on trial with Harrisburg, Charlotte and Wilmington for 3.5 weeks in February. Before these trials, I was playing for City in the Nor Cal Premier League. When none of the teams wanted to sign me, I wanted to be back in San Francisco and play for SF City. Paddy does a great job running competitive training sessions, and there was solid group of players who I really enjoy playing with. San Francisco is also a great city, and I have some friends from college who live out here (and my girlfriend) so that made it easier to move back out here.

Is your beard more Mission SF or East Coast Outdoorsman, or both?
Maine outdoorsman for sure! Maybe a hint of the Icelandic Viking look as well.

Photo by Nap Ba
Photo by Nap Ba

We are nearing the end of the PDL season, how is the group gearing up for the final home match vs. Burlingame?
Excited to finally be playing Burlingame at home. It looks like playoffs is out of the question now, but we are preparing to do everything we can to win this last home game for our fans.

Pre-match meal prep is typically…
I’ll typically eat a pretty big breakfast with some eggs. Then a granola bar before the game and lots of GU!!! (SF City’s Sponsor)

When you go up for a header off of a corner (like the Fresno game), what are you thinking about?
I’m thinking about beating my man to a certain spot, and then just trying to focus on heading the ball down or back across the face of the goal. Danny whips in some great services, and we’ve got to reward him by getting on the end of one them vs. Burlingame.

The spine of the team seems to be back together (Demarzi, Kirkland and you), what does that mean for the team?
I think it has been positive for the team getting the three of us back. We have a pretty young team with a lot of college players, and I think we can all add some experience and leadership to the squad.

What do you do in addition to playing for SF City?
I’m going to be the head coach of boy’s varsity soccer team at the Bay School this fall. I’m really excited about that. I’ve been running some summer soccer practices a couple times a week, and doing some other coaching in SF.