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Match center: SF City at Fresno Fuego

Fresno Fuego 0


3 SF City

May 14, 2016 7:00 pm

PDL rules Fresno Fuego forfeits 5/14 match due to usage of ineligible player: Yesterday afternoon, the Club received official notice that Fresno Fuego had been issued a forfeit by the PDL due to violating the league substitution rules during the match on May 14. Fresno entered a rostered player into the match after they had exhausted the maximum number of six substitutions. SF City has been awarded a 3-0 win in place of the prior result.

Fresno proactively reported this violation to PDL and to SF City FC once the violation was discovered and made best efforts to address the situation. Ultimately, this amounted to an unfortunate oversight without any nefarious intent on Fresno’s behalf. We thank Fresno Fuego for being exceptional hosts during the match and acting with the highest integrity in addressing this situation. We are proud to share a division with Fuego and wish them the best of luck for the remainder of the upcoming season. We look forward to our rematch with the Fuego on July 10.