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Max Mirner: The Target, Exclamations Galore and Supporter Ownership by Age 3

SF City FC’s Charles Wollin caught up with Forward Max Mirner on the latest and greatest in his holdup play

What happened to all the hair?
I chopped all my hair off right after this past fall season. It was time for it to go, dealing with it got painful. I do miss it at times so you may see it again in the near future!

This is your 2nd season with SF City, how does this year compare from the last with the jump up to the PDL?
When Paddy told me that the club was going up to PDL I was very excited. This would give me an opportunity to take my soccer to the next level and lead me on that path to become a pro one day. My time last summer was a fun experience. Getting to know some new players and coaches was awesome. It definitely wasn’t as competitive or intense as this year, which I love about this club and league.

You’ve been playing as a center forward/target player/#9 in recent weeks, how’s that been for you?
Growing up I played as a target player and then moved back into the midfield. But now I’m back up top and have taken on this “new” role for the team and I love it. I have an eye for combining with our mids and wingers and of course I love scoring goals!

The elephant in the room…how do you tame the wind at Kezar?
The wind at Kezar is tough sometimes, especially dealing with long balls. I am not really used to playing in crazy conditions coming from the East Bay but it’s good experience for years to come. Trying to challenge to get a flick, or even bring it down to control can be challenging at times. I have to be on my toes and be ready for anything.

You just finished your 2nd year at St. Mary’s and the team performed well in the conference last season. Outlook on next year?
My first two years at SMC I thought were pretty successful. We are bringing in a lot of new guys that I think will help strengthen the core group that we already have. We have a very hard and exciting schedule but I am looking forward to it!

Thoughts on having the opportunity to play with West Coast Conference rivals in the same squad with Jordan, Christian, Kamron from USF and Dylan from SCU all in the squad?
It’s always super fun to play against old/current teammates and buddies. I have established some pretty good relationships with the guys like Jordo, Kam, De Luna, and Dyl. But at the end of the day, they are my enemies and will always be wanting to beat USF and Santa Clara!

Photo by Nap Ba
Photo by Nap Ba

Soooo, changing the subject here… you’re pretty much a perfect fit with our supporter model, you’re a Green Bay Packers shareholder?
Yes, I am a Green Bay Packers shareholder. My Grandad bought me “A piece of the Pack” when I was three years old before he passed away and have been a fan ever since. I love to remember my Grandad that way.

That’s pretty rad, clearly you’re no stranger to the model, why is supporter ownership important to you?
I think it is righteous that I play for a supporter owned club. SF City is like a second family to me between my teammates, coaches, fans, and founders of the club. Not many people get to experience what we do day in and day out.

What was your time in Quakes Academy and Quakes reserves like?
My time with the Earthquakes Academy and Reserves was an insane experience that I wish I started earlier. I was training with some of the best players in the country, which pushed me to get better, and in the end succeed. I was called up to the reserves a few times and wow what a time that was. I got a feel for what being a pro was like, in training, warm-ups, and in the game. I played alongside some Quakes legends, which was very rewarding for a senior in high school at the time.

Who’s going to win the Euros?
I think Belgium or Germany will take the Euros. Even with that loss to Italy, I think the Red Devils will bounce back. I’m a huge fan of some of their players (Lukaku, De Bruyne)

Who’s going to win Copa America?
Well, I am American so who doesn’t root for the USA? I have them winning the Copa America!!!

That’s a lot of exclamations, you’re a Bay Area guy through and through, how’s if feel representing SF City?
It is very cool representing a team in my area. I had ideas about going elsewhere to play PDL this summer but I decided to stay home and play for City. I hope to play here in the coming years as well.

What are you doing this summer? (Studying/internship/please share)?
This summer I am working in a restaurant in Lafayette as well as babysitting (good cash!). I hope to find some time later in July to visit my brother who is currently living in Cape Cod, MA.

As an Eagle scout do any of those skills translate to the field, and why?
Being an Eagle Scout has really shaped me into the man I am today. I took away many great qualities that I continue to use in everyday life. The most apparent one I think is my leadership. I am vocal on and off the field, as well as a hard worker, which I think sets a good example for my teammates.

Be careful here…anything else we should know about you.
I love to have a good time on and off the field and my sense of humor is rare, very dry and sarcastic, so don’t think I’m being mean to you!!! I am very outdoorsy and love a nice backpacking trip in the wilderness with my family or quick day trip to Tahoe to go skiing!