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Meet the Schaefers!

Meet Eric and Tiffany Schaefer, two badass Members in our first ever Member profile piece!

Boo-yah, our first Member only interview! A duo no less…

We’re flattered!

It’s fair to say, you’re one of our SF City couples, hella cute, btw… Where are you guys from and how did you meet?

Eric: I grew up down the Peninsula in Belmont and I went to college in Santa Fe, where we met.

Tiffany: I’m originally from the Southwest (I’ve lived in Texas, Colorado and New Mexico) and I moved to the Bay Area in 2005. Eric and I met at St. John’s College, which has great books but no sports teams.

What does SF City represent in the Schaefer household?

Tiffany: It means being crazy enough to go to Vegas for an away game… It really does represent a reason to be excited about what is going on and growing in our community.
Eric: It’s just one of our many mysterious and glamorous pursuits, of course, but I would never miss a chance to cheer with the Northsiders! The volunteer events organized by the Club and by the Northsiders have also pushed me to give more back to community than before.

Why SF City?

Eric: I got into the sport a few years ago, after the 2014 World Cup and when the action stopped in Brazil I went looking for a place to watch great soccer. The Earthquakes are an hour away and watching Premier League and Bundesliga matches means getting up early on the weekend. I wanted good, live, local soccer. SF City is the only team offering that level of play and there is no set of supporters like the Northsiders! It’s a hell of a lot of fun for less $10 per game.

Tiffany: I’ll be honest, soccer wasn’t important to me when we started attending matches, but I was so surprised and excited by the level of fan participation and real camaraderie that welcomed me. The Northsiders and the members of the club have never failed to make me feel like part of the community and I love spreading that feeling on to new folks too – you don’t have to be an expert to learn a cheer like “Roll Fog!”

What does supporter-owned mean to you?

Eric: Supporter ownership builds a connection to the team that you cannot get anywhere else in sports. I’ve been a Giants fan since I was a kid and I love the team, of course. But buying season tickets costs a fortune and doesn’t get you any voice with the franchise. Becoming a member of SF City means getting a great game day experience AND a voice in the operations of the club. That responsibility makes for a better experience in the stadium and out.

Tiffany: When we first went and watched a game, Eric and I decided to become supporters the next day, not just because we had a great time, but also because we wanted to do just that – support the team. Everyone who lives in SF knows that if you don’t frequent your favorite bar, restaurant or café, they might not be there the next time you go looking for them. The club also gives us the opportunity to make our voices heard, and draws a special connection between those playing the game and those of us watching it happen.

Tell us about SF Adventure tours…

Eric: SF Adventure Tours is all about building the best San Francisco experience for the small group I’m working with just that day. I take my guests to the classic landmarks of the city like the Golden Gate Bridge or Twin Peaks and then build in visits to unique sights (Seward Street Slides, crooked Vermont Street, Clarion Alley) and connect them with special events (Carnaval, Bay to Breakers, Fleet Week) that are popping up just that day. All tours are run in a unique, open-sided, safari-style bus.

SF Adventure tours offers a beer and brewery tour… 1. What is your current go-to spot in SF or brewery. 2. Is there an SF City stop?

Eric: Speakeasy Ales & Lagers in Bayview is my absolute favorite brewery in the city. They brew a solid range of year-round beers and bring out lots of exciting stuff on a seasonal and one-off basis. John and his crew run a very special, welcoming taproom! I also want to shout out to my other partners at Harmonic Brewing, Magnolia, Laughing Monk, and the brand-new Barebottle in my neighborhood of Bernal Heights. There isn’t anything specific to SF City on the brewery tour, but I did help John Schilder of Hostelling International put together a pub crawl leading up to the SF City/San Diego match!!!

Eric, you’ve been a spokesman for fans with an epic interview on BAOSN.tv, our broadcast partner… what would you say your current SF City job title is?

Eric: “Epic” may be overstating things, but thank you! I can’t claim to be a spokesman for anyone but myself but I’m happy to talk about my experience. I think of myself as the guy in your rowdy crew of friends that you feel comfortable introducing to your mother.
Tiffany: Yeah, he can say that, but Pete did call him Hollywood, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the nickname sticks…

Tiffany, tell us about your work at the Marin Day Schools, why is it important to early childhood education?

Tiffany: I work with Marin Day Schools as a Kindergarten Prep teacher. We provide the important bridge for children and families moving from our preschool programs into kindergartens all around the Bay Area. Marin Day Schools has a strong reputation for providing high quality care and I am glad that as a teacher I get to have key interactions with the families of our community everyday. By providing consistent, high quality early childhood education, we are making sure that children have every opportunity to succeed in the future. Plus, I’m looking forward to seeing some of my graduated students on the SF City academy teams soon!

You seem to have your scarf on in every photo that you’re in um… City pride to the core, what should other fans know to channel the same thing?

Tiffany: For me, I wear my scarf everyday, no matter what. One of the first things I learned about soccer culture was to wear your scarf so that people will ask questions about it. Quickly after, I learned to carry our PDL cards next to Eric’s business cards so that I could always hand them out on BART or MUNI or wherever I was where people were asking about the scarf. Wearing my scarf means more to me than being a fan, it’s about channeling that same positive supporter spirit into everything I do.

Eric: Tiffany gets cold easily.

Anything else we should know about you guys?

Eric: Thanks to Pete, Mike, Ted, Casey, Daniel, Clinton, Gunther, Tyler, Julia, Joachim, Ryan, Brandon, Bradley, Paul, Zion, Kirk, Anthony, Jason, Cesar, Jan, Lisa, Brendan and all the other Northsiders for welcoming us! I’m always stoked when I hear the cry go up “the Schaefers are here!”

Tiffany: It’s been an amazing year of getting to know everyone, and I’m really looking forward to many years more. Thank you for thinking of us and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the Town Hall meeting on August 20th!

End. Scene.