Nick Littleton: Blue Collared Versatility, the Heartbeat, Haha’s and Family

Let’s settle the debate once and for all, do you prefer Nick, Nicky or Nikolai? Why?
I’ve had so many people pronounce my name in so many different ways, I just kind of let people choose for themselves. I’ve also had a lot of nicknames throughout my life. My college teammates used to call me franchise. I would just say whatever is easiest for people to say just go for it.

Just finished up your 2nd year playing with SF City FC, you’re one of our longest termed players, you’ve seen the club evolve… thoughts on how the club has progressed?
Oh man, it’s been unbelievable watching this club grow over the past year. I actually heard about the club after my Mom brought home a local paper after the 1st Round U.S. Open Cup loss in 2015. I showed up to a few Sunday league games (doing twice the running because I had Paddy playing right back behind me 😉 and the rest is history. But, I don’t think us players realize how much hard work has been put in by the board, Jacques and of course our amazing fans off the field. I’ve talked with Jacques a few times and he’s very educated about how everything needs to work to run a successful sports franchise. He’s so organized and you can tell how much this club means to him. As far as on the field goes, Paddy and Seany do an excellent job managing the players. They don’t play any favorites, and they are always honest with us. For me, this is the most important attribute a coach can have. I love playing for Paddy, he’s the kind of coach a player wants to win for. With Jacques as President and Paddy as head coach this club is in amazing hands. Hopefully next year we can get those college players back like Christian De Luna, Ash, and the Beast up top DG and some of the others. With the older guys as the core, we can hopefully deliver a playoff birth for you guys next year!

Last summer, you played in a match that our goalkeeper was sent off you stepped in… played keeper, Danny Kirkland scored (a free kick, obviously) and we won 1-0. You also may or may not have sustained a concussion. Walk us through that day…
Hahaha, some of the guys still bring that up. To be straight up with you, I don’t remember too much. Apparently, I got hit in the head with the ball right before our goalie got sent off, obviously wasn’t thinking too clearly and told Paddy I’d play in goal. Apparently, I made a few saves, and I banged every goal and drop kick to the other 18. My Pops told me I did an excellent job time wasting.


Legendary story by the way, it’s fair to say that you’ve play in multiple positions for SF City, pretty much anywhere except the back-line, where do you like to play the best and why?
My favorite position is probably the 6 or the 8 just because that’s what I grew up playing, and where I’m most comfortable. However, when you have players who are as good as Donkey Kong (Danny Kirkland) and Abercrombie (Dylan Murphy) it’s going to be hard to get a game for anyone. I just told Paddy he can play me wherever he needs me, whether that be the 10, 9, 7, 11 or even right or left back, which is where I played in college. The bottom line is I love playing ball and I love competing. Every position is different and I have to try to take what Paddy and Seany tell me and try to deliver to the best of my ability.

Your college experience includes playing at Santa Barbara City College and Gonzaga University… Different? Similar? What were the key things you learned about the game and yourself at each?
Very VERY different haha. Everything from the weather, to the people, to the soccer. My first 2 years at SBCC was the time of my life. Santa Barbara is an amazing town, where I really grew up while I was there not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. The game is so different from the two levels. I was fortunate enough to be on a great SBCC team lead by John Sisterson and current USF Women’s Assistant Coach Paul Hart my sophomore year. We made it to the State Final Four, which the college hadn’t done in over a decade. Some of the Southern California City College teams were the best teams I played against in college. The game is so much more technical down there then it is at the D1 level. I’m a fairly technical player so I enjoyed it much more than the D1 game, which is extremely physical and so direct. My time at Gonzaga was very up and down. I struggled with ankle injuries my junior year, the team didn’t do very well and the coaching was very sub par to put it lightly. My second year was going amazing until I tore my ACL against USD midway through the season. We had a great group of players that year and some of my Gonzaga teammates I consider to this day, as some of my closest friends. It’s a shame because if the coaching was better, we could’ve made a very deep tournament run as we had so much talent that season (2013).

It’s a bit of a family affair for you with the club, your Dad, Michael is always in the stands rooting for the club and you since Day 1…
My Pops has always been so supportive of me and my soccer. I think he’s really taken a liking to the environment the club encourages. He has helped the Northsiders with their community service efforts and I know he lives every second of the game with them.

You’ve got an affinity for Liverpool and your Dad’s a Portsmouth fan. How did that all shake out?
Haha I do support Pompey as well. They will always be my second team, but I became a Liverpool fan at first because I was a big Michael Owen fan when I was 5 or 6. As I grew older, I started learning about the history of the club and I fell in love with not only the team, but the city of Liverpool as well. All the success the team has had with former and current players including my boyhood hero Stevie G. The city of Liverpool has a lot of similarities to Oakland where I grew up. It’s a City with so much culture, history, and very hard working people. Both cities’ heartbeat revolve around their sports teams. In Liverpool you have Liverpool FC, and Everton… likewise in Oakland you got the Raiders, Warriors and A’s. When you come from Oakland you really appreciate another city with similar values even though nothing can ever beat Oakland in my eyes. Sorry SF 😉

Fans know Danny can hit free kicks, but you’ve had your fair share too too, (btw your Stanford belter was terrific between the two of you) how do you decide who takes them? Flip coins after, before or is it first round on who misses?
You won’t find too many players around the world, let alone the PDL who can hit a dead ball the way Donkey Kong can. Basically, when Danny lines it up, I line up on the other side and if he ain’t feeling it, he’ll tell me to hit it. Unfortunately, I didn’t bury one during the PDL season, but hopefully next year!

Kirkland, Dylan Murphy and Littleton all line up for a free-kick vs. Burlingame
Kirkland, Dylan Murphy and Littleton all line up for a free-kick vs. Burlingame

What do you do when you’re not playing for SF City?
Usually getting swole in the gym 😉 Haha, I do a lot of different stuff. I work for a temp agency who finds different jobs for businesses who need a little extra help. I also do some personal training for a couple of very promising youth soccer players from the East Bay who play for the SJ Earthquakes and De Anza Force Academies. Both have very promising futures in the game. I also drive Lyft which is actually a great way to make some extra money. If anyone is reading this and is looking to hire somebody, hit me up!

Anything else fans should know about you…
Yeah, Go Raiders!


Dylan Murphy: SF Native, the Midfield Anchor Man & City’s Model Fashionista

Assess your 1st season with SF City FC.

I thought it was fantastic inaugural year for the club! The fans were absolutely incredible all year. They make it so much fun to play at home, even if things don’t go our way. I find myself humming their songs at work, the gym, while waiting in line for a sandwich. I’m sure next year, there will be a lot of top level college talent eager to play in an atmosphere like the one we’ve proved we have this year. Of course we fell a bit short of our playoff aspirations, but I don’t think that is such a bad thing. Now there is room, and more importantly hunger, for growth.

Defensive midfield huh?

Love it! It’s a bit lower down the pitch than I’m used to playing but I grew to really enjoy playing there this year. I think the position suits me well, as I’m not necessarily a super explosive player but willing and able to cover a lot of ground out there as I’ve got some decent feet. And I love having a ping. I look to guys like Busquets, Thiago Motta and of course Danny Kirkland for inspiration. A group of guys whose brainpower and touch makes up for a 12-inch vertical and perhaps a slight lack of athleticism.

Courtesy of Instagram: @dlo_murpheta
Courtesy of Instagram: @dlo_murpheta

Having a PDL season under your belt prior to coming to SF City (Fresno in 2013) how does playing for SF City compare? Difficult playing against your former team?

I’ve been fortunate to play for two PDL teams with incredible fan bases. In my mind the two clubs resemble each other in many ways. Both clubs want to showcase the local talent as much as possible; they are involved in the local community, play in great stadiums in front of even better fans, and have professional soccer aspirations. For me it wasn’t weird playing against my former side. One of my favorite games this season was against Fuego at home. We played well despite not getting the result, but the back and forth banter between the Fire squad and the Northsiders was probably the highlight of the day.

Your experience also includes playing overseas in Norway at Asane FK… rad, what’s the atmosphere and style like over there?

It’s different! There is a level of intensity that you don’t quite see here yet. To give you an example, our captain probably put in 15-20 slide tackles a training session on what was often very frozen and rock hard turf. Real Puyol type. His whole hip area was literally callused from tackling and he referred to it as his “dragehud” (dragon skin). So their style is definitely hard nosed, but that’s not to say they are not skilled, because they are. They are lethal finishers as well.

The fans are the extremely passionate grassroots types. Like in England, everyone roots for their cities’ big club, but also support the local neighborhood club. I lived in Bergen, where Brann FK is the big club that everyone supports. In a city of 400,000 there are probably 80 other clubs ranging from 2nd division to 7th that all have their own smaller fan bases. 60-year-old guys even remember when their local team almost made it to the 3rd division and have the club crest tattooed on their arm.

There are a lot of Americans playing in Scandinavian countries, do you think it’s helping or hurting the game in the U.S.?

I’m sure it’s helping the game in the U.S. These Americans who go abroad end up playing alongside some seriously gifted and experienced players. There are a lot of guys in the 2nd, 3rd and even 4th divisions who have played in the 1st divisions of Norway or Sweden for example and were now for whatever reasons playing for a lower division club. Our center midfielder for example, Alan, was a somewhat overweight 32-year-old Ajax youth academy product who played in Copa turf shoes in real games and still managed to outsmart everyone he played against. He taught me a lot about how to play center midfield, how less was more, and I probably would not have had that eye opening experience without having the chance to play with him.

What’s your full time gig these days?

I’m working in event planning while studying computer programming. I’m helping with some of the logistics coordinating for Outside Lands this year.

Sidebar: You’re also a model…Is that also something you want to get into full time?

Hah! The cats out of the bag now. I pose for the occasional picture. The boys give me some stick about it, rightfully so, but It’s a fun side-gig, and best of all… it’s much easier on the body than soccer.

Stars the Agency
Stars the Agency

Would you say you’re more of a Freddy Ljundberg or Gerard Pique type player-model-fashionista?

Considering the fact Ljundberg is wearing budgie smugglers in just about every photo he takes I’m gonna have to go with Pique on this one. Also happen to be a bit of a Shakira fan.

Your youth career spans playing at Marin FC with Marin legend coach Josh Kalkstein, Lowell High School and SFSFL… please divulge.

I played my freshman and sophomore years for Lowell High school where we won the city championship both years, thanks to local hero Anthony Clay who scored every game. I chose to play in the SFSFL (SF’s Sunday league) my junior and senior year to get myself some experience playing against bigger guys, where I got absolutely clobbered, but it was good for me.

I played at Marin FC from 13-17 and it was huge for my development. Our coach, Josh Kalkstein, who is still there, is of the Johan Cruyff type philosophy. He taught me how to be a dangerous attacking mid by hiding in the pocket and how to cover ground (had a bit of a habit of standing in the center circle). It didn’t hurt that he was also a class player with some serious tekkers, which only made us all respect him more. He actually played with the first professional soccer team the city ever had, the San Francisco Seals of the 1990’s, who also played at Kezar. Josh has helped lots of local players move on to the professional level.

As one of the only San Francisco born and bred players on our team, what does reppin’ SF at this level mean to you?

It’s an honor! This is my hometown, so having the opportunity to represent the San Francisco soccer community means a lot to me. There are a lot of players I grew up with who were crazy talented, but didn’t get the chances to reach the next level because of things like violence in their communities or lack of resources. The city’s biggest gift is diversity, and I think we really need to create opportunities for the talented kids who come from all across the spectrum. I’m talking about recognizing talent and an investment in growing it, regardless of the player’s background.

Is there anything else we should know about you?

Just that The Northsiders singing the national anthem after the PA system broke one game was just about the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Difficult song to sing in key, and they nailed it.

You can follow Dylan on Instagram: @dlo_murpheta


Ben Brewster: The Spine, Dominating Headers in the Air, Beards & Icelandic Vikings

Firstly welcome back, how was it out there this weekend?
It was great being back on the field this weekend. It has been tough missing 8 weeks during the bulk of the season. It was actually my first time playing at Kezar, so that was a great experience. The support we get from the Northsiders is absolutely incredible and it was good to finally pick up 3 points at home.

Describe the partnership in the unchanged back-line for the last two games…
I thought the partnership this weekend was pretty solid. These relationships often take time to mature, but I felt comfortable playing next to DeLuna who has been great for City this season.

You’re a player with a plethora of experience and played in USL last season at Tulsa. How were those days?
Last season I was playing for the Tulsa Roughnecks in the USL. It was Tulsa’s inaugural season in the USL, but we only missed the playoffs by 3 points. It was an unbelievable experience playing at that level everyday, and traveling all over the west coast throughout the season. Similar to SF City, we had a great group of fans and support from the Tulsa community. The first game of the season we tied our rivals (Oklahoma City Energy) at home in front of 8,500 fans. Walking out of the tunnel for that game was a feeling I’ll never forget.

You also trialled earlier this year, but decided to come back to SF City, why?
I was on trial with Harrisburg, Charlotte and Wilmington for 3.5 weeks in February. Before these trials, I was playing for City in the Nor Cal Premier League. When none of the teams wanted to sign me, I wanted to be back in San Francisco and play for SF City. Paddy does a great job running competitive training sessions, and there was solid group of players who I really enjoy playing with. San Francisco is also a great city, and I have some friends from college who live out here (and my girlfriend) so that made it easier to move back out here.

Is your beard more Mission SF or East Coast Outdoorsman, or both?
Maine outdoorsman for sure! Maybe a hint of the Icelandic Viking look as well.

Photo by Nap Ba
Photo by Nap Ba

We are nearing the end of the PDL season, how is the group gearing up for the final home match vs. Burlingame?
Excited to finally be playing Burlingame at home. It looks like playoffs is out of the question now, but we are preparing to do everything we can to win this last home game for our fans.

Pre-match meal prep is typically…
I’ll typically eat a pretty big breakfast with some eggs. Then a granola bar before the game and lots of GU!!! (SF City’s Sponsor)

When you go up for a header off of a corner (like the Fresno game), what are you thinking about?
I’m thinking about beating my man to a certain spot, and then just trying to focus on heading the ball down or back across the face of the goal. Danny whips in some great services, and we’ve got to reward him by getting on the end of one them vs. Burlingame.

The spine of the team seems to be back together (Demarzi, Kirkland and you), what does that mean for the team?
I think it has been positive for the team getting the three of us back. We have a pretty young team with a lot of college players, and I think we can all add some experience and leadership to the squad.

What do you do in addition to playing for SF City?
I’m going to be the head coach of boy’s varsity soccer team at the Bay School this fall. I’m really excited about that. I’ve been running some summer soccer practices a couple times a week, and doing some other coaching in SF.


Where Oh Where is Danny Kirkland? Free Kicks, Sheffield to SF & Billiard Lessons

SF City FC Broadcaster Charles Wollin caught up with set piece specialist and box-to-box midfield man, Danny Kirkland.

So Dan, you’re back?!
I am, it feels like it’s taken forever but it’s great to finally be back in action.

What was the injury and how did you overcome it?
I don’t have a long, scientific answer for you but I slipped a couple of discs in my lower back. It’s taken about six months and a few cortisone injections to get me playing again but I’m feeling good now

You’re from Sheffield and played at Wednesday and Sheffield United. Tell us about your background there.
Sheffield is a massive football city – divided by the two teams. I started out at Sheffield United aged 8 before moving to Wednesday at 12, despite being a lifelong United season ticket holder. The move didn’t go down too well with my family, the rivalry is so fierce that my old man and brother stayed away from my games for a few years. They didn’t want to be near the Sheffield Wednesday stadium (unless we played United).

It’s been said your family has stayed up to watch your matches on live streams from pubs in the area. There may have been a spilt beer or two, or three?
I’m sure they’ve thrown plenty of ale around, that’s for sure – my brother told me that during my time at USF, the local pub erupted when I scored a last minute winner away at St Mary’s. It was about 1am local time there. My mum is a little more sensible, she watches from home

Your left leg is part high end golf club, part….
GPS navigator

Kirkland prepares to take a free kick vs. Burlingame. Photo by Nap Ba.
Kirkland prepares to take a free kick vs. Burlingame. Photo by Nap Ba.

Thoughts on the supporters and “Where oh where is Danny Kirkland?”
The fans at SF City are the best in the PDL and some of the best I’ve ever played for. I’ve no idea how they think up the songs for us but it’s nice to have a couple about myself (that aren’t abuse)! When my playing days are up, you’ll be able to find me banging a drum with the Northsiders.

You’re a set piece specialist, care to tell us a little more about your specific technique?
Eyes closed and just whack it! No, it’s something I’ve always worked on right from an early age – every kid wanted to be David Beckham growing up. But I would always spend a little extra time after training with a bag of balls and an unfortunate goalkeeper.

What players have you looked up to or want to model your game after?
I once got asked this question while at Wednesday for the matchday magazine. I responded with Phil Jagielka (a Sheffield United legend) and the press officer looked at me and told me I’d get beat up if that was published to 30,000 fans. So I went with Frank Lampard – Lampard wasn’t bad was he?

Your real thoughts on Carlos Tevez…
Has Shaun Ramsden put you up to this question? You wouldn’t be able to print my real thoughts on him but let’s just say many people around my area still believe he’s the reason Sheffield United are in the third division!

How’d you initially become involved in SF City FC?
After playing our last year at USF, me and Dave Romney were in between trials/combines and looking for a team to play with so we both played a couple of games with City. I don’t remember the name of the team that Dave went on to sign for but I stuck around because the fans are better here than in LA.

What does it mean to have fellow USF Dons playing with you?
It helps, we’ve all played together for long periods of time and know each other’s game a little better than most. It’s also good for city football and I wish all the boys and staff the best for their upcoming 2016 season.

Sheffield to SF and you’ve stayed here too after finishing school, why? What makes SF special for you?
What a great place to be. At this age, everything you could want is right on your doorstep. I love the work I do, the people and the culture, even the weather is better here than at home. People ask me the best city I’ve been to and for me, it’s here. Obviously that isn’t a biased opinion though.

What are you up to this summer?
I work for a youth soccer club in the city, SF Glens Evolution, so that keeps me busy day to day but hopefully I’ll get a few city visits in. Other than that I’ll try to get on a beach somewhere at some point – I’m pretty well known for my surfing ability

Anything else we should know about you…
Aside from giving the lads private billiard lessons when we were in Utah, I’m also pretty handy on a golf course. You can ask Paddy Coyne, I’ve been teaching him how to play lately and he’s really progressing!


Max Mirner: The Target, Exclamations Galore and Supporter Ownership by Age 3

SF City FC’s Charles Wollin caught up with Forward Max Mirner on the latest and greatest in his holdup play

What happened to all the hair?
I chopped all my hair off right after this past fall season. It was time for it to go, dealing with it got painful. I do miss it at times so you may see it again in the near future!

This is your 2nd season with SF City, how does this year compare from the last with the jump up to the PDL?
When Paddy told me that the club was going up to PDL I was very excited. This would give me an opportunity to take my soccer to the next level and lead me on that path to become a pro one day. My time last summer was a fun experience. Getting to know some new players and coaches was awesome. It definitely wasn’t as competitive or intense as this year, which I love about this club and league.

You’ve been playing as a center forward/target player/#9 in recent weeks, how’s that been for you?
Growing up I played as a target player and then moved back into the midfield. But now I’m back up top and have taken on this “new” role for the team and I love it. I have an eye for combining with our mids and wingers and of course I love scoring goals!

The elephant in the room…how do you tame the wind at Kezar?
The wind at Kezar is tough sometimes, especially dealing with long balls. I am not really used to playing in crazy conditions coming from the East Bay but it’s good experience for years to come. Trying to challenge to get a flick, or even bring it down to control can be challenging at times. I have to be on my toes and be ready for anything.

You just finished your 2nd year at St. Mary’s and the team performed well in the conference last season. Outlook on next year?
My first two years at SMC I thought were pretty successful. We are bringing in a lot of new guys that I think will help strengthen the core group that we already have. We have a very hard and exciting schedule but I am looking forward to it!

Thoughts on having the opportunity to play with West Coast Conference rivals in the same squad with Jordan, Christian, Kamron from USF and Dylan from SCU all in the squad?
It’s always super fun to play against old/current teammates and buddies. I have established some pretty good relationships with the guys like Jordo, Kam, De Luna, and Dyl. But at the end of the day, they are my enemies and will always be wanting to beat USF and Santa Clara!

Photo by Nap Ba
Photo by Nap Ba

Soooo, changing the subject here… you’re pretty much a perfect fit with our supporter model, you’re a Green Bay Packers shareholder?
Yes, I am a Green Bay Packers shareholder. My Grandad bought me “A piece of the Pack” when I was three years old before he passed away and have been a fan ever since. I love to remember my Grandad that way.

That’s pretty rad, clearly you’re no stranger to the model, why is supporter ownership important to you?
I think it is righteous that I play for a supporter owned club. SF City is like a second family to me between my teammates, coaches, fans, and founders of the club. Not many people get to experience what we do day in and day out.

What was your time in Quakes Academy and Quakes reserves like?
My time with the Earthquakes Academy and Reserves was an insane experience that I wish I started earlier. I was training with some of the best players in the country, which pushed me to get better, and in the end succeed. I was called up to the reserves a few times and wow what a time that was. I got a feel for what being a pro was like, in training, warm-ups, and in the game. I played alongside some Quakes legends, which was very rewarding for a senior in high school at the time.

Who’s going to win the Euros?
I think Belgium or Germany will take the Euros. Even with that loss to Italy, I think the Red Devils will bounce back. I’m a huge fan of some of their players (Lukaku, De Bruyne)

Who’s going to win Copa America?
Well, I am American so who doesn’t root for the USA? I have them winning the Copa America!!!

That’s a lot of exclamations, you’re a Bay Area guy through and through, how’s if feel representing SF City?
It is very cool representing a team in my area. I had ideas about going elsewhere to play PDL this summer but I decided to stay home and play for City. I hope to play here in the coming years as well.

What are you doing this summer? (Studying/internship/please share)?
This summer I am working in a restaurant in Lafayette as well as babysitting (good cash!). I hope to find some time later in July to visit my brother who is currently living in Cape Cod, MA.

As an Eagle scout do any of those skills translate to the field, and why?
Being an Eagle Scout has really shaped me into the man I am today. I took away many great qualities that I continue to use in everyday life. The most apparent one I think is my leadership. I am vocal on and off the field, as well as a hard worker, which I think sets a good example for my teammates.

Be careful here…anything else we should know about you.
I love to have a good time on and off the field and my sense of humor is rare, very dry and sarcastic, so don’t think I’m being mean to you!!! I am very outdoorsy and love a nice backpacking trip in the wilderness with my family or quick day trip to Tahoe to go skiing!


Barry McCabe: A Team of McCabe’s, FIFA, Shamrocks in SF & PPS Training

Photo by: Jiajun Wang
We chatted with Barry “Bazza” McCabe this week to get the scoop on why he’s so legit.

You’re a bit of a fan favorite, how’d you think that came about?

That’s pretty cool to hear! But the energy and support the fans bring, during and after games, makes everyone on the team feel like a fan favorite. I’ve been lucky enough to hang out with them and they know all the players. It’s amazing to speak with them about the game and the club. They’ve created an environment where everyone feels involved in what’s developing here!

Thoughts on the song, “We all dream of a team of Barry McCabe’s…”

Absolutely love it! It always brings a smile to my face when I’m playing, can’t help it.

You’ve played in the midfield and in the back at right back, is that your new home?

There’s so much talent in this squad, especially in midfield, that I am happy contributing the team in whatever position I can. Right back suits me, I enjoy running and overlapping, creating space for some of the more technically gifted players like Mambo and Ashley (inside joke).

Your experiences have included University College Dublin AFC in Ireland as well as competing on the East Coast at the Seacoast Utd. Phantoms. Tell us about those and how does this setup compare?

UCD was a full time set up, playing in the top Irish league, but also allowed me to complete my undergrad. Gained lots of experience playing against seasoned professionals every week. Had one or two decent seasons here.
Seacoast was a gift! Very grateful for the people there that took an interest in me and brought me out last summer. I was just about to quit football after spending a year at a school in Pennsylvania before that. Amazing set up and great people involved. The standard was very similar, perhaps with a more experienced and international squad.
The standards are all very similar, just different in the culture behind soccer at home. However, SF City are really creating a culture needed for professional football here.

Ummm… you’re in FIFA 14?

Yeah, our league was featured for a few years in the FIFA games. Mind you, my stats wouldn’t the best. And I am possibly the worst FIFA player around.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.09.20 AM


Tell us more about your daily 9-5 gig where you’ve got your own business in training and making athletes better…

I began an Athletic development program called Pro Performance Soccer at the start of this year with the goal of offering opportunities for youth athletes to develop the physical and performance side of their games. Playing at the next level requires you to have strong athletic skills. College coaches look for players who can play, but who are equally strong, fast and injury free. I am creating a place for players to become that complete package. It completely compliments the great work all the clubs and coaches are doing in the City.
Both my BSc and MS are in Exercise Physiology and my experience working with Pro athletes have combined together to allow me to do this! My current players include kids from SF Elite Academy, Marin FC, SF Glens Evolution and San Jose Earthquakes; they have all seen the on-field benefits of training to be a Soccer Athlete.

What was it like representing Ireland at the International level?

As a kid it’s always amazing to be acknowledged for your talent and hard work. I was lucky to play with a handful of current Irish internationals. I was in an Under 21 squad in 2013, it involved only players playing in the League Of Ireland at the time. That was the most satisfying as I was really dedicated to my football at the time.

Why San Francisco?

I got a taste of the place a few years back while travelling around, and ended up staying here for a while. I always felt I would return and live here, for a while at least. The big draw for me with SF is how open and promoting people can be of you and your ideas. It’s never “that wouldn’t work” it’s more like “that sounds great, I know how I can help you grow that!” I like that attitude to things, so that is my big draw here.

Your thoughts on the Irish community’s roots having a key stake in San Francisco?

It’s really cool to see how involved Irish people are in SF as a whole, there’s always someone to reach out to for advice. My group of friends I have here are some of my best friends, ones I grew up with, went to school and college with, so it feels great.

What else should we know about you?

I really enjoy receiving a 60 yard zing from Danny Kirkland, one of life’s great pleasures.

You can find out more about Barry’s business, Pro Performance Soccer by logging onto: www.sffsoccer.com/pps-program/

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 5.48.51 PM

Away Trip Success, Top of the League & Home Opener!

SF City traveled to Provo, Utah to play BYU Cougars over 2 matches during the Memorial Day weekend and came back with 4 points, which has catapulted the club to the top of league standings in the Central Pacific Division.

In the first match played this past Thursday, SF City FC and BYU played to a scoreless tie. Both clubs had their fair set of chances, but neither could break through. Saturday’s match saw SF City win 3-2 in a thrilling match with BYU start the scoring midway through the first half. SF City answered with 2 first half goals as Merlin Baus and Bobby Edwards notched goals and led 2-1 at the break. Baus scored another goal midway through the second half from the penalty spot, putting the game away for the visitors. BYU made a last ditch effort and scored right at the 90th minute mark, but SF City walked away with all 3 points.

The 4 point haul over Memorial Day weekend comes on the heels of SF City’s home opener this Saturday, June 4th, live at Kezar Stadium with a 3pm kickoff. SF City plays the Las Vegas Mobsters for the first time this season. Their first meeting of the season was cancelled due to thunderstorms in the Las Vegas area, but will be replayed at a later date.

Will you be at Kezar!?!

Club Statement Regarding U.S. Open Cup & Fresno Fuego Matches

Over the last 24 hours, SF City has learned of two significant developments relating to our 1st Round Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup match and our opening round PDL match against the Fresno Fuego:

PDL rules Fresno Fuego forfeits 5/14 match due to usage of ineligible player: Yesterday afternoon, the Club received official notice that Fresno Fuego had been issued a forfeit by the PDL due to violating the league substitution rules during the match on May 14. Fresno entered a rostered player into the match after they had exhausted the maximum number of six substitutions. SF City has been awarded a 3-0 win in place of the prior result.

Fresno proactively reported this violation to PDL and to SF City FC once the violation was discovered and made best efforts to address the situation. Ultimately, this amounted to an unfortunate oversight without any nefarious intent on Fresno’s behalf. We thank Fresno Fuego for being exceptional hosts during the match and acting with the highest integrity in addressing this situation. We are proud to share a division with Fuego and wish them the best of luck for the remainder of the upcoming season. We look forward to our rematch with the Fuego on July 10.

U.S. Open Cup–C.D. Aguiluchos usage of ineligible player: Yesterday morning, we became aware that C.D. Aguiluchos entered a player into our 5/11 1st Round U.S. Open Cup match that had played for another Club during the Open Cup qualifying rounds last fall. Under the U.S. Open Cup rules, this player was cup tied and ineligible to appear for C.D. Aguiluchos.

We have filed a formal protest with U.S. Soccer regarding this matter and will provide updates as we receive them.