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Street Soccer USA Civic Center Cup this Weekend!

We are excited to support our community partner, Street Soccer USA in the presentation of their upcoming Civic Center Cup August 14-16 in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza.

The Civic Center Cup will host Street Soccer USA teams from across the country, providing formerly homeless and at-risk adults and teens with the opportunity to improve their lives and communities through Street Soccer’s uniquely impactful platform of using soccer for social change.

The Cup will also feature Open Cup, Corporate Cup and Youth Cup tournaments over the 3 day program, making for an extremely exciting and meaningful event for thousands of participants and spectators.

You can play a critical role in supporting Street Soccer USA’s mission and helping make the Civic Center Cup a success: 

Fundraise: SF City members and supporters can help support Street Soccer USA’s mission and the Civic Center Cup by making a tax-deductible donation via SF City’s Civic Center Cup fundraising page. We’re aiming to raise $2,000 before the start of the tournament August 14. Please consider making a donation to help hit our goal and support Street Soccer USA’s mission!

Volunteer: Join SF City players, members, and staff in volunteering for the Civic Center Cup. Each year, hundreds of volunteers step up to make the Civic Center Cup a reality. Sign up to volunteer at ssusacupseries.leagueapps.com.