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scarfAdvertSF City Supporters! It’s that time of year again! The time when you, the members of the club, decide what our scarf for the upcoming season will look like.

Members submit their designs, and  members will be the ones who choose which is to be adopted by the team. The creator of the winning design will win a $100 credit for the team store! The rules of the contest are simple:

  • Send your designs to community@sfcityfc.com
  • Only 2018 or Lifetime members may submit a design.
  • Only 2018 or Lifetime members may vote on a design.
  • Limit of two designs per contestant.
  • We will begin accepting designs on 2 January 2018.
  • The deadline for submitting designs is 16 January 2018.
  • On 17 January, the scarf designs will be shown to all current members, and online voting will take place between then and 26 January.
  • Designs should be in RGB format, 300dpi resolution.

In order to make the design process easier, we’ve created this Scarf Design Template which you can download and use.


Last Friday, in partnership with America SCORES Bay Area, SF City FC goalkeeping coach Patryk Tenorio, and player Carlos Lezama led a free soccer clinic for the kids of Hillcrest Elementary School.

The kids, ranging from 1st to 5th graders, got a chance to learn the basics of dribbling and passing, and got a chance for some open play, with an emphasis on problem solving and getting as many touches on the ball as possible! The free clinic program represents a step forward in SF City’s plan to provide training and playing time to kids who don’t have access to academies and formal youth soccer clubs, and give them an introduction to the pure enjoyment of the beautiful game. The club hopes to introduce a series of these clinics at several elementary schools throughout the Bay Area in 2018.

“It was a great experience and really a beautiful moment not just for the players but myself as well” said coach Patryk Tenorio, “just going to show the power of the beautiful game and how it can bring people together.”

San Francisco City FC is very proud to have the opportunity to work with America SCORES, a non-profit that empowers students in urban communities using soccer, writing, creative expression, and service-learning. America SCORES Bay Area now proudly serves more than 1,400 children at 55 low-income elementary and middle schools in San Francisco.




We’re celebrating our Club, City and holiday spirit with Standard Deviant Brewing next Thursday Dec 7, 7:00 p.m.

sweater._redpngTo commemorate, we’re releasing an SF City x Standard Deviant MEMBER EXCLUSIVE holiday “sweater.” Anyone who purchases a 2018 SF City Membership prior to or at the holiday event will receive this gift.

The shirts will be available for pickup at Standard Deviant on 12/7 with additional delivery options for those who can’t attend.

Already purchased a 2018/Lifetime membership? No problem, check your e-mail for details on how to receive your shirt.

Purchase memberships at http://sfcityfc.com/memberships/

SF City FC Announces Youth Academy!


San Francisco City Football Club is proud to announce our Youth Academy

The primary goal of SF City FC’s youth program will be to eliminate the “pay-to-play” system that currently holds back player development in the United States. We believe that our professional club will generate significant revenue that will trickle down to all of our youth teams. This will be used for player development, league fees, equipment, uniforms & coaching education. Our program will be strongly enhanced by our youth players making a real connection with our adult ones. We do this by encouraging youth athletes and parents to attend our Premier team games, playing short halftime matches at league and cup games, as well as having our adult athletes visit our youth training sessions. Over time, we will develop big brother and big sister “buddy” programs by pairing of our at-risk youth with adult players for events both in and outside of soccer.

SF City FC believes in development over winning. We want our youth to not only become good soccer players, but great human beings.

Technical Director & Director of Coaching: Patrick “Paddy” Coyne

Born in Ireland, Paddy holds a USSF B License, Australian coaching license, FA level 1 & 2 from the UK, FA futsal certification, and Psychology of Football level 1. Paddy has coached in Peru, Australia, UK, Africa, and the USA.

The Teams

U-10 (Fall 2015) SF City FC Juniors, coached by Jonathan Wright, F License and NSCAA State Diploma.

The Juniors boys were the first youth team of SF City FC, and began as Micro Soccer players from North Beach. Athletes go to Sherman Elementary, St Peter & Paul, St. Bridget’s, and other schools. The team started at the U-8 recreational level and was moved up to CCSL Prep mid-season. Coach Jonathan Wright is also the Club Founder of SF City FC (2001) and formed the SF City Juniors in 2013. The Juniors are sponsored by Mary MacPherson – Paragon Realty.


U-11 (Fall 2015) SF City FC Gunners, coached by Stuart Murdin, David Hiestand, and Robert Stang, E License. Manager: Jennifer Murdin.

The SF City FC Gunners boys (formerly “Clarendon Gunners” and “Gunners Football”) currently play in the CCSL Prep Bronze strength bracket. The team has played together since kindergarten. The Gunners have three dedicated coaches and manager with more than 10 collective years of experience. SF City FC partner, Coffee Bar generously supports the SF City FC Gunners.

U-15 (Fall 2015) SF City FC Dutch, coached by Jessie Cordray, E License, and Sergio Escoto, F License.

The SF City FC Dutch are currently a U-14 boys CCSL Prep team pushing for the top of their division. They have a core group that has been together for over six years and have worked hard to increase their competitiveness. Athletes hail primarily from SFUSD middle schools.

The team attends 4-5 tournaments outside of the city each year and have represented well in those events. The SF City FC Dutch embrace the opportunity to be SF City FC’s oldest youth team with a true San Franciscan identity with players from all parts of the city.

The SF City Dutch are sponsored by Laundry Locker.

High Schools Represented: Lowell, Washington, June Jordan, Burton, Mission, Walenberg, SOTA, Balboa, Marshall, International, Drew, Lick Wilmerding.

​Neighborhoods represented: M​ission, ​E​xcelsior,​ Visitation Valley, Potrero H​ill, Dogpatch, Sunset, Richmond, W​estern ​A​ddition, T​win P​eaks, Noe Valley, Crocker Amazon.

Captain Adam Ringler: Feeling the Love, Green Chile & Mr. Dingaling


SFCityFC.com caught up with club captain Adam Ringler this week. Topics ranging from soccer to restaurants and music were all on the table, but nothing was off of it.

SFCityFC.com: For fans in our SF soccer community that don’t know you, tell us a little bit about yourself and your soccer career.

RINGLER: I’m 25 years old, originally from a tiny town in Western MA, and proud to call San Francisco home. My mom grew up here and my grandpa still lives in the Sunset, so I’ve been obsessed with the city since I was a kid. I think I’m the only guy on the SF City squad who didn’t play in college or professionally, so career may be an overstatement. I went to a public high school called Monument Mountain with a great soccer program. Our team’s motto was “Feel the Love”, and I’ve carried that with me over the years. Right now I just try to make every day fun, and soccer is a big part of that.

SFCityFC.com: What’s your day job like?

RINGLER: I work for HotelTonight, an app for booking hotels at the last minute. I’ve been there for two and half years and it’s been an awesome ride. Travel is a super fun industry and it’s a great place to work. I oversee LA and Santa Barbara, so I’m down in SoCal a lot as well. We also have a bar in the office and a company soccer team, so I guess it’s the perfect place for me.

SFCityFC.com: How do you balance that with soccer?

RINGLER: One day at a time. I don’t have a girlfriend and I eat a lot of take out.

SFCityFC.com: What’s been your favorite moment in your soccer career?

RINGLER: That’s a tough one. My senior year of high school we won a playoff game that came down to PKs. That celebration sticks in my head and the video still gives me chills. Beating USF last month was pretty cool too, even though it was a friendly.

SFCityFC.com: There’s been a ton of momentum the last few months such as the NorCal League Championship, U.S. Open Cup Qualification and discussions with the NASL. As the club’s captain, what are your thoughts?

RINGLER: Man it’s awesome, and I’m so psyched to be a part of it. The SF City guys have done an amazing job getting it to this point and it feels like it’s on the brink of really blowing up. They have lofty aspirations to take this thing to the next level, and I think they can do it based on the momentum they’ve been able to generate in such a short time.

For me, it’s just a blast playing soccer with these guys. It’s the most talented team I’ve ever played for and we’re really starting to develop some chemistry. It’s also a hilarious mix of personalities which makes it even more fun. We’ve had a few statement wins, but the US Open Cup is our chance to show the city that we’re for real. Honestly on a good day I think we can give anyone a good run. If you’re reading this, Stanford, we’re down for a friendly.

SFCityFC.com: What part of the city do you live in?

RINGLER: NOPA. My backyard is pretty sweet, I need to have an SF City BBQ soon.

SFCityFC.com: What are your favorite go to spots in your hood?

RINGLER: I’m at Green Chile Kitchen like 4 times a week. Their food is bomb and the $2 Pacifico is a game-changer in SF. Also, Madrone for dancing, The Page to shoot pool, 4505 for BBQ, Eddie’s for breakfast, Chile Pies for pie, and Nopa or Bar Crudo when I’m feeling fancy.

SFCityFC.com: Outside Lands is in August, but Coachella is later this month, please share some of the beats you’re listening to right now.

RINGLER: I just checked my recently played and it’s kind of all over the place:  The Who, Wu-Tang, The Band, Billy Joel, Binary Star, CCR and Action Bronson. I love live music and will go see almost anyone. In my second life I’d like to be in a wedding band.

SFCityFC.com: A few SF based one offs for you:

Blue Bottle or Sightglass? Dunkin’
Coit Tower or Sutro Tower? Sutro
Burma Superstar or King of Thai Noodle? Burma
Tony Bennett or Carlos Santana? Grateful Dead
Taco Bell or Chipotle? La Cumbre
Ronaldo or Messi or Zlatan? Demarzi
Andrew Gardner or Jordan Gardner? Bruce

SFCityFC.com: Any other fun facts you think we should share.

RINGLER: For two summers I drove an ice cream truck called Mr. Dingaling. No joke, the music is still stuck in my head.