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SF City FC was born in September 2001, playing in the San Francisco Soccer Football League, one of the oldest and most distinguished local leagues in the USA. Over the next decade, we climbed through the tiers of the league. It was in late 2012 that members of the team met with local fans, mainly from the SF Football Supporters Association and the SF chapter of the American Outlaws, about a dream they all had in common: a supporter-owned team that would represent San Francisco on the national stage. It would be a team that didn’t just happen to play here, but be of our community and work for our community.

City won US Club’s NorCal Premier League title in 2015, and became the first team to represent San Francisco in the US Open Cup for twenty years. In 2016, we advanced again, to USL League Two, the fourth tier of US Soccer.

Along the way, we’ve made a lot of great friends. Anyone who’s attended one of our matches will have encountered our supporters, known as El Lado Norte, the Northsiders. Unlike many other supporter groups in American soccer, they receive no financial support from the club in any way and retain complete independence. They maintain the principles of our motto ‘Gold in Peace. Iron in War’ by both giving generously of their time to charity efforts in the community and giving unwavering, raucous, support to the team, making Kezar an intimidating place for visiting clubs.


Our goal is to help grow the game in San Francisco and to use the club to bring people together in order to help our community. The team, along with its Members Organization, pledges to do this through charity events, volunteer hours, free youth soccer programs and fundraising. We are committed to giving our members the power to determine how the club is managed. But, we cannot succeed without the your help! Please consider getting involved with the club!


The story of our crest is best told by founder member Jonathan Wright. “It shows light on one side and dark on the other, because we think of City day and night. It depicts three of our greatest landmarks. And the three stars for myself and two friends of mine, Jacek Banas, and Robert Cuzner, who were enormously influential and inspiring in my soccer life. City was what we chose for the name because everyone in the Bay Area knows that when you say ‘The City’ you can only mean San Francisco!”

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With 51% of our club owned by supporters and 49% by investors, SF City is organized to ensure that both groups have a voice. Major changes to the club's operations, including ticket prices, member benefits, league membership, kit sponsorship, and home stadium, cannot be made without unanimous approval of our three-person Executive Board of Directors.



The SF City FC Members Organization is a California non-profit organization with membership open to all. It serves to both represent the interests of our members but also to assist in the Club’s commitment to the community. The Members Organization has its own Board of Directors, which is elected annually to lead the group's efforts

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