Academy Registration


Welcome to the SF City FC Youth Academy for the 2016/17  (Fall through Spring) season. We are excited to have you join the SF City family and look forward to having your player out on the pitch soon.

Your acceptance of this offer means that player and family agree to the following:


I, the player, accept the invitation to play for SF City FC  for the 2016-17 year. I understand that by accepting this invitation I will be expected to be available for all practices and games, including but not limited to, 2 practices weekly during the Fall and Spring seasons as well as 1 game weekly during the Fall and Spring seasons. I will make every effort to prioritize these events over other sports, activities and non-SF City FC team commitments.


As an SF City Youth Academy parent, I agree to support my player’s decision and will ensure that he is able to attend the aforementioned practices and games. I will financially support his participation on the SF City team by paying the annual fees, not to exceed $685.00. I understand these fees cover Fall and Spring league registration dues, coaching fees, uniform fees, and additional Academy skills clinics. I understand that tournament fees are considered at-will fees and will be assessed separately. I understand that these fees may be less with the identification of sponsorships or other financial support offered to the individual teams or Academy as a whole.


To finalize your acceptance, a $200 deposit for the 2016/17 year must be received. Please submit your deposit via PayPal to